Vacation mod  

It forbids all attacks towards your Empire. If there is an attack that is already sent to your Empire, even if you activate the Vacation mode, the attack will be completed. The Vacation mode STOPS all resource production, army Upkeep and population growth, and the 168 hour period of loan payment, as well as the deposit period is intermitted until the mode's deactivation. All Buildings and Technologies in progress will continue until finished. Premium membership will not be prolonged. The Vacation mode is activated for at least 24/48 hours (depending on the speed of the realm). To use this service 1700 diamonds are required.

* Both, Vacation mode and Holidays protection, can be activated solely if you currently don't have troops on a mission, except evasion and movement between holdings. Please, note that army upkeep will be taken on evasion mission during a vacation mode, except evasion. Please, note that army upkeep will be taken on evasion and movement mission during a vacation mode.


One of the Global map’s administrative units. Only independent cities can be conquered and turned into vassals. You need at least one Centralization level in order to be able to turn it into vassal. Vassal’s population doesn’t grow, it stays constant until you annex it. Vassals pay a tribute in gold exacted from the whole population there. You can either release the vassal at some point, or annex it if it is adjacent to one of your already annexed provinces. This also requires a vacant Centralization level. In order to be able to turn into vassal an independent city further from your exclusive zone, you need to research Vassal logistics. Stay alert because other players may conquer your vassals.

For more information about vassals click here.

Vassal Logistics  

A technology that increases the possible distance from your empire to a vassal's location. 1st level of Vassal logistics grants you 10 imperial miles radius from the Capital where independent cities can be turned into vassals. Each subsequent level grants an 8% increase over the previous level and additional 5 Miles to the radius.

Vassal tribute  

Tax in gold exacted from vassal’s whole population. The gold from vassals is not automatically stashed in the treasury but has to be manually withdrawn.

Very high tax rate  

Sixth tax level. 120 gold for 100 workers per hour. Takes 75 Happiness away per 24 hours.

Very low tax rate  

Second tax level. 40 gold for 100 workers per hour. Takes 5 happiness points away per 24 hours.


Common name for all ordinary members in second and third loyalty stage.


Winning a battle.

Village animations  

Motioned mini figures illustrating the province population every day life - taking a walk, working and having fun on the Village map. Animations can be activated or deactivated from Settings menu.

Village map  

The map which visualizes the current province or holding with all its buildings. The overall style of an annexed province depends on the Fortress level. It changes when reaching fortress levels 4 and 7. The village map is automatically loaded upon logging into the account, showing the inside of the capital.


The inhabitants of the provinces and colonies.